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Campaign Websites - Just one of the advantages of doing business with us!


This section of our website is to demonstrate some of the features available for use on your election campaign website that is hosted and designed by Parnassus Creative Website Services.

These are what today's internet users expect from any feature element displays on a website.

Many of these are visitor interactive. They include:

Access Controlled (ACL) features viewable by the site's registered users which are not viewable by general public visitors including comment submissions for posted articles.


Comment Submissions

Facebook, Twitter, and other RSS Feed displays


On Line Submission Forms

Polls and Surveys

Social Sharing


Parnassus Creative Website Services can at prices that will fit your limited budget:

Design your website

Host your site

Provide training to you and your staff to administrate the site

Compared to other website hosting and design services in this price range we offer you more value and professionalism than they ever can.

Our Graphics Design services has the experience and expertise to handle your campaign's print media including:



Palm cards


Yard signs and more

Contact us to find out just how surprisingly affordable our services are. We are based in Wichita and have a vested inter­est in what goes on here. There­fore, we are will­ing to go the extra mile to make our own homes, work, and com­mu­nity bet­ter for all.

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