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Campaign Websites - Just one of the advantages of doing business with us!

Templates and Themes are the site files that control how a site looks to a visitor - it is a road map for the software that controls your site telling it where to display something, how to format everything including the colors, images/graphics, text formatting/fonts, and the header/banner area.

Parnassus Creative has the expertise to design your site's template and theme. We have already created a library of templates and themes to fit most any type of website - this includes different platforms that 'run' the sites including standard HTML, Word Press, Joomla, and others.

You can select any template/theme from our library for use on your site or we can modify any of them for you or even create a brand new one for you.

You can view our Template/theme library here: All Site Templates - Parnassus Creative. All templates/themes in the library have live demos available to visit. Additionally, we have created several campaign templates/themes which can be modified for your site, examples can be viewed at these links:

Can­di­date 01 click on this link to view a fully func­tion­ing Joomla site (with optional fea­tures already installed and con­fig­ured) designed for an elec­tion campaign.

Can­di­date 02 click on this link to view a demon­stra­tion site with the same con­tent as the Can­di­date 01 site, but with a dif­fer­ent site tem­plate applied to it.

Other clients' campaign sites:

Charles Jen­ney for Kansas House 87th District

Pat Sloop for Kansas House 88th District

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